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RTC Cup was founded by The Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, in Saint-Petersburg - one of the largest research centers in Russia - Official RTC website

Five уears ago we were inspired by Robocup Rescue competitions, but there was no Rescue community in Russia. So we decided to create our own competition in order to achieve goals similar to Robocup Rescue mission.

Our competition is for children, students and engineers who create robotic systems for "search and rescue". During all this time, we have had over 2500 participants from 97 cities all over Russia. Now we are glad to bring it to international level!

To learn more - watch this RTC Cup Invitation video


RTC Cup is a competition for mobile robotic platforms acting under “search and rescue” scenario.

In RTC Cup competition robot shall pass through the test area within the specified time. Test area is a reconfigurable obstacle course, a maze, consisting of cells. The maze was made to resemble different indoor and outdoor terrains and obstacles, some of them to imitate catastrophic events. Robot gains points by going through a cell, a number of points depends on difficulty of the obstacle or task, located in the cell.
For each new competition we design and present some new tasks and obstacles, to make it more dynamic.

Tasks are divided into 3 categories: mobility, manipulation and autonomous tasks. For example, while passing the test area robot can collect special cylindrical objects (cans), and deliver them in specified colour zones according to the can’s colour to gain more points. And the final task is to reach the tower and enter right combination by pushing buttons to activate elevator, which lifts robot to the top.

More about test area and available tasks you can read at “Rules” section.

Robot can be built of any nonhazardous hardware components.

Categories and age limit

Competitions are divided into two categories:


In the category "Scout" operator can watch his robot going through test area, by his own eyes. The robot can be controlled remotely.
 age limit - from 11 to 14 years inclusive. Performance of manipulation or autonomous task is required.


In the category "Extreme" the robot is out of sight of the operator (participant). Operator control the robot by teleoperation and can use the data he receive from robot’s sensors and camera.

age limit:

- from 11 to 16 years inclusive. Performance of manipulation or autonomous task is required.

- from 17 years. Performance of autonomous or semi- autonomous task is required.


Registration is open now: Registration Link

During registration you need to apply short description and one photo of the robot (it could be half done, or previous version - we just need it to be sure you actually have one).

You can also write us a letter: m.tur@rtc.ru - we will be glad to answer to any questions. 
Participation in RTC Cup is free of charge.

 Competition process

1. First day: qualifying round

The test area is divided into 4 sections. Each team chooses 3 any sections. 
Thus, each team has 3 main attempts in the qualifying round. One section contains 6 to 9 cells of the test area, manipulation and autonomous tasks (line).

Time given for one attempt is 5 minutes. The break between attempts last also 5 minutes.

The best attempt would be taken into account.

The best 15-17 teams qualify for the final round.

2. Second day: the final round

The competition includes 2 attempts (rounds), 10 min each. 

The best attempt would be taken into account.

The Test area is presented as a big maze.

In the category "Scout" two robots start at the test area, in parallel. In the category "Extreme" one robot starts at the test area.


More information you can find in the RTC Cup Rulebook.

Please note, that Appendix No. 1 RTC Cup Test area is an incomplete in the moment - where is much more tasks present. For more information about Test area please watch photos and videos.


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